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The Welcome Episode

Welcome to Legacy Therapy. This episode introduces the host, Stacey Golden-Lisnock. She shares her background and explains how she got here and what to expect each week so you can create a stress-free legacy.

What's It All About?

This episode will help you to understand the purpose behind the Legacy Therapy podcast. It is designed to cover a variety of topics with the underlying message...get this stuff done while you have the luxury of time. If you wait, it will be a fiasco.

Are You Prepared For a Crisis?

This episode will illuminate how disaster can strike for your loved ones when you’re not properly prepared for unforeseen circumstances. You never know what nightmare could be in store for those you hold dear after you are gone.

Life Settlements Explored

In this episode, Stacey talks to Lisa Rehburg to discuss the ins and outs of life insurance policies and answer some questions you may have. Lisa shares her knowledge on selling insurance policies to investors and explores the options you may have as a policy holder.

Life Insurance Stories

Stacey chats with Bill Lorenz about life insurance in this episode. Bill has 20 years of experience in the industry and has seen firsthand the negative repercussions of being unprepared for a tragedy. They will give the inspiration and several resources to enable you to put a plan in place.

Medicare Fraud

Micki Nozaki joins Stacey to discuss Medicare fraud. They talk about how important it is to get seniors to NOT pick up the phone and give out their personal medicare information. Medicare fraud is elder abuse and it needs to be stopped.

Options in Dying

Samantha Trad is the California State Director for Compassion and Choices. Samantha passionately works hard to expand patient-centered and patient-directed end of life care across the state. Stacey had the opportunity to connect with her and talk about the ins and outs of medical aid in dying.

Final Arrangements

Sherri Bell is here to talk about the “Sandwich Generation.” Meaning you care for your kids and you care for your parents. Are they both covered in the event that something should happen to you? What will happen to your body? Your bills? Your pets? Have you communicated your final wishes?

Essential Pre-Death Tax Tips

Tatyana Bunich joins us today to explore the unintended consequences that can come when someone receives a large inheritance after a family member passes away. Many people choose to have as little withheld as possible when they receive the money… and then are in for a nasty surprise when tax season comes around and they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

SMART-sizing 55+

Thomesa Lydon joins us today to discuss the benefit of downsizing. Keeping a bunch of STUFF around can be detrimental not only to your next chapter of life, but also to those you leave behind who have to sift through it after you are gone.

Living Benefits

Ferlie Almonte joins us to share her amazing accomplishments and inspirational journey. She lost her spouse eight months after their wedding day and went into bankruptcy. Through this experience, she learned about something not many know about: living benefits.

Navigating the Retirement RedZone

William Decker joins us to talk about the Retirement RedZone. The five years prior to retirement and the five years following are a very important time with a lot of transitions happening.

Organized and Energized

Kathi Burns joins us to talk about downsizing and organizing your belongings. There can be a lot of sentimental attachment around items but at the end of the day it's just “stuff.” Kathi works to help people make this shift.

Equity Share

Mike Lyon joins us to talk equity share and the opportunities available for property owners. Mike discusses how our education system doesn’t start young people off with the right financial strategies, despite it being a critical part of life! It’s hugely important to learn all of your options and then choose the right financial strategies based on your situation. Let’s explore!

Whole Family Mentoring

Lorrie Richins has spent a lifetime learning about the value of pain in our lives. Lorrie works as a family empowerment coach to help people understand the gift they’re being given even if it comes in an ugly package. She helps people unpack harmful patterns of behavior to let them dissolve and be replaced by beneficial patterns.

Riches to Rags

PK Eastman joins us to tell her story of what happened after her husband passed away. For years, she was in the dark about her family’s finances because her husband handled everything. She was aware of their spending, she would buy things for the house here and there, they purchased a motorhome, but she did not know anything regarding their input versus output. Then, he passed away and she was left dealing with the collateral damage of their massive tax bill.

Transformational Grief

Nancy Gordon joins us to talk about her service dog Toaster. Toaster was a Xolo, which is a hairless dog with a long history of healing humans in Ancient Aztec culture. This opens the conversation up to what happens to our beloved pets after we pass away. Nancy and Stacey talk about assisting pets through their grief and leaving them with a plan in place that ensures their wellbeing.

Mom's Story Unfolded

Jill Lublin joins us to share the heartbreaking story of having to buy back her mother’s sentimental possessions from an auction house after she was moved to a group home because of her dementia. Jill took on huge financial responsibility for her mom’s end of life care due to poor planning. She is here to say “Get it together NOW before it’s too late.”

Ian's Mom

After Ian's mother woke up from a coma, he was left with the realization of how uncontrollable her financial situation had gotten. Bills going unpaid, no budget in play, she was beginning to receive scary letters with final notices, etc. Ian stepped in and helped her create a system to ensure everything getting paid and her living within her means.

This opens up an important conversation about being prepared for the unexpected. With the Emergency Info File course, you can expect to get everything situated for an unexpected illness or death, but also for while you’re still healthy and alive. It is not uncommon for our students to discover discrepancies in their insurance policies, beneficiaries, etc.