Podcast Episodes featuring Stacey Golden-Lisnock

Exit Coach Radio

We talk about the catch 22 the business owner can be caught in when a health issue or death arises.

How can business owners help their employees to be better prepared for a stress-free legacy?

Lead Up for Women

Stacey Golden-Lisnock shares the first step to getting your life in order is having the conversation!

After an illness hit her years ago, she decided to serve others by assisting them in making sure their "house is in order".

The Liberated Life

Life is unpredictable and being unprepared for illness or death can have some significant consequences for you and your family.

Stacey gives us important information about what we need to have together for our peace of mind.

Debt Free Degree

Not only do parents need specific legal documents for themselves, but their young adult children also need certain documents.

You’ll soon find that without this documentation, you, the parent, have no legal authority to get information about your child’s health should you need it.

Don't Kill The Messenger

Just imagine you're ready to exit your business...would your business be ready to sell?

Is your business ready to live on without you?

My special guest today dives into exit and succession planning so you can have an exit strategy and if something ever happens, a way for it to run without you...

Faces of Resilience

Besides Advance Directive and wills, what other things MUST we plan for in case of being incapacitated or death to spare the loved ones we leave behind the stress, conflict, and frustration when we are no longer here?

Financial advocate and podcast host, Stacey Golden-Lisnock, shared her incredible insights on this topic on FACES OF RESILIENCE.

Week of Kindness and Gratitude

Stacey joins Toni for a candid discussion about being prepared if you should become ill and someone needs to take over your finances and personal business or if you should pass away, what happens? Some real-life examples are brought up and Stacey tells why she is now a Financial Advocate after suffering a health issue herself. Plus there are 2 free gifts!

Aflame Ministry Show

Getting it all together, now.

Pastor Kathleen welcomes Stacey Golden-Lisnock to talk about planning, preparing, updating and organizing the important documents needed before there's an illness or death.

The Senior Care Industry Netcast

Stacey chats with Valerie VanBooven of Approved Senior Network about how important it is for people (of ANY age) to have an Emergency Info File. Whether you're married, divorced, single, have children, or don't, you need this file.

Get it together now!

The Secrets of Earning Money Show

January is Financial Wellness Month, and in today's episode, we talk with our special guest Stacey Golden-Lisnock about the importance of getting your important papers in order.

Getting your papers in order early will reduce stress and help ease the pressure on your loved ones

during a difficult time.

Success Spotlight

Stacey speaks on the X2 Forum with Kae Wagner. She talks about her personal experiences that gave birth to the "Got It Together Now" idea.

The Emergency Info File will help you organize so that you and your family will be prepared in a health crisis, accident, or death.

Leave a stress-free legacy today!

The Divorced Dadvocate

Stacey Golden-Lisnock the founder of Got It Together Now joins Jude to talk about why the time is now (during your divorce) to get your important documents and personal information up-to-date, organized,

and in one place.

Lead Up for Women

-The Age of Influence

Join me today as I interview Stacey Golden-Lisnock speaking about the age of Influence. Listeners, today you are going to get real practical/tactical tools to add to your toolbox of how to get your estate together and not burden your children when you pass (and we are all going to die, hate to break it to you).

Ed Diaz Interview

Ed Diaz interview with

Stacey Golden-Lisnock 8-3-2021

Ed asks the hard questions and has lost some personal friends recently who were in seemingly great health and young.

Birth-dash-end. Don't people know what that means? When we each have an impending expiration date, why is it that so few get around to planning?